Analysis of the Chicken Saddle Site

On the chicken saddle website,, there is too much content located on the chicken saddle page. On a page advertising for products, there should be more graphics of the products and less words. In addition the amount of words on the page, a large portion of the content of the text on the main page is about how the seller makes the chicken saddle more beneficial to the consumer’s needs. The consumer does not need a long description of why they need the chicken saddle, but a short summary of what the saddle provides. There is too much content on the page due to the fact that the user has to scroll down many times to get to the bottom of the page. On the page there should be only enough information to have the user scroll no more than two times. Scrolling down too much on the main page prevents the user from wanting to explore the rest of website. Scrolling too much provides the user with the belief that there is too much reading required on the website. There should be a main page about the chicken saddles, and separate pages about the different types of saddles, shipping and handling, and contact information. The text content is not appropriate to the purpose of the website, because it deters users from wanting to explore the website in depth. The graphics in the website are many pictures of chickens and other winged animals wearing chicken saddles, and pictures of the different types of saddles. The graphics are important to the website because it provides consumer’s with a visual of what they are trying to purchase. The structure of the site is very ordinary, with the main menu at the top of the page and everything within three clicks of the home page. There is parallel structure in how each of the pages are presented. The point of view varies from second and third person throughout the website, and the language is very informal. The author of the website appears to be talking to the consumer as if she is selling a product in front of her. The layout of the website is very unorganized. The menu and some of the sentences are not centered correctly. The menu is located both at the top and bottom of the page. The border along the page is outdated and the sentences run over the border, making it hard for the user to see the words, and the different sections are not underlined to show the user that there is a new section. The font changes and some sections are bolded to emphasize what is being discussed, but there is no spacing or underlining to allow the user to grasp the concept(s) clearly. The website also is totally fixed and static. The user cannot navigate aroud the website, and the main way to communicate the author/seller is by her email, which is located at the top of the page and all throughout the page. There are no communication elements and no social media elements. There is no way to provide user feedback to improve the website as a whole. There are links to buying other animal accesories, and they work, but are not necessarily beneficial to the website as a whole. They transfer the user to another website, which in the case of this particular website, might be a good thing.