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Recently I worked on some design projects this summer and I would like to provide a link to my work.
Mills Portfolio Summer 2013


Proposal for MWA #3

After living in Waco for about four years I have come to learn some information about the Baylor and Waco environments. I would like to discuss three different tours that anyone could take in the Baylor and Waco communities.

The first tour is a tour of the best resale shops in Waco. Resale shops provide consumers on a budget with gently used items that could last a long time. The tour would include the Goodwill on New Rd., Plato’s Closet on Franklin Rd., Anna’s Exchange in the Central Texas Marketplace, and the Goodwill on La Salle Ave. In each of these stores the amount of products range from shoes and clothes to furniture and books. For the thrifty shopper in Waco, these are the places to go. This tour would also require a car.

The second tour is a tour of the best nature hike in Waco. The tour includes walking across the suspension bridge, walking along the Brazos River, hiking up Jacob’s ladder, hiking around Cameron Park, and hiking to Cameron Park Zoo. The tour would include seeing some of the natural beauty and architecture of Waco. The tour could be taken by car or foot, the option is up to the traveler.

The third tour is designed for people without a car or who enjoy walking. The tour would be a tour of the best fountains on the campus of Baylor University. The tour would consist of viewing the fountains located by the Armstrong Browning Library, the Vera Martin Daniel Plaza, Brooks Residential College, North Village, and between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. If you are willing to get a little wet, you can actually run through the fountains located in between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. Located below is a poll to vote on the tour of your choice.

Good & Bad Instructions

Sometimes there are good and bad instructions. Many factors determine whether the instructions are good and whether they are bad. Some of the factors will be discussed in determining if the two examples of instructions are either good or bad. The first example is from and it is a set of instructions on “How to Fold a Napkin Like a Rose.” The instructions begin with the a picture of the final product, which shows what the napkin should look like at the end of the instructions. The materials are not clearly defined, and the instructee can only assume from the picture of the final product what materials might be needed. Along with the materials not being clearly defined, the tools and other supplies are not clearly defined, further confusing the person following the instructions on what is all needed. There is no indication of how long the actual process will take, but just that it will be ten steps to complete the task. It can be inferred through the pictures that the activity is a solo activity, and the author speaks in second person point-of-view to imply one person. The author of the instructions also does not tell about a person having to do something while another person does something else, which also implies that it is a solo activity. The steps are chronologically in order, which reduces confusing among how to fold the napkin. The steps are concise, but not necessarily clear. Throughout the instructions the author tells what to do, but not how to do it. In doing so, the reader has to look at the pictures to figure out how to complete the step(s). There are no safety warnings stated, but they are not necessary. Also, there are no age requirements stated. There are allot of visual aids and no audiovisual aids in the instructions. There is one visual aid for every step, and they are very beneficial in the instruction process. Overall the instructions are not so well written because of the lack of information prior to starting the actual folding and the effectiveness of the actual steps.

The other example of a set of instructions is from and it is about making bulb plants. The final product is clearly defined with a picture of it and a description of its contribution to earth. The first step involves clearly defining the materials, tool, and other supplies needed to complete the task. There is no indication of how long the process will take, but just that it will take five steps to complete the task. There also is no indication of how many people will be required to complete the task, but by the pictures, there is only one set of hands doing all of the work, implying only one person is needed to complete the task. The steps are in a logical sequence and they are clear and as concise as they can be. There are safety warnings located throughout the instructions. There are no age requirements, but there should be considering the actual mechanics of lightbulbs. There are plenty of visual aids and no audiovisual aids. The bulb plants instructions can be classified as well written instructions.

Q & A Interview

Q: What genres of writing have you encountered since entering the engineering society?
A: Technical writing i.e. technical reports, journal writing, lectures, and exams.

Q: What did those genres teach you about writing?
A: Lectures require writing to be succinct. You have to be able to open and close a topic in a short span of time. You also have to understand how to have an intro, body, & conclusion in a limited amount of time.

Q: Did you learn more genres after you entered the engineering society, and if so what?
A: No additional formal education required me to learn more genres but I matured by learning things the hard way. My personal computer has assisted greatly in the forming of technical writings. Spellcheck, grammar check, & quick edit has made changes more feasible.

Q: What is the process for editing and proofreading the documents you write?
A: Instead of proofreading right after I write I wait a while (a few days), and then proceed to proofread my writing.

Q: What type(s) of writing in your field is internal and external?
A: Internal- emails, External- journal articles, research proposals, and conference presentations

Q: What types of genres do you encounter when reading?
A: Technical textbooks

Q: Has writing in your field deterred or encouraged your interest in writing?
A: Writing in my field has neither encouraged nor deterred my interest in my field because the writing has been constant over the years.

Metacritic Review

Not everyone can agree on the same things, and therefore some movies receive both good and bad reviews. The not-so-good review being discussed is about the movie Iron Man 2. The review gives a synopsis of the movie, with inserts of what was done in the wrong way, or what did not fit correctly into the movie. One of the criticisms the movie receives is that one of the villains in the movie, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), creates a knockoff iron man suit. One can disagree with that criticism due to the definition of a knockoff. An item that is considered a knockoff is not the real thing i.e. the inner workings of the object is not the same as the original object. In the movie Ivan Vanko had the same equipment and “instruction manual” for the nuclear reactor that Anthony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had, and just manifested another copy. Also in the movie, Ivan Vanko does not create a suit but a set of bullwhips that are powered by a nuclear reactor. Another criticism that the movie receives is that the movie was constructed to not be freestanding by incorporating Agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to do press for the upcoming Avengers movie. That is a valid assertion because when the movie is finished, it leaves its viewers wondering what the avengers initiative is. The movie needs to be freestanding so that it can prove to its viewers that another movie does not need to be viewed to receive a better grasp on the whole Iron Man concept.

My Favorite Movie

iron-man-2-9377-400x250I have a wide variety of favorite movies mainly due to the fact that I watch too much television, but currently I have one favorite. That favorite movie would be Iron Man 2. Typically people would ask why not Iron Man 1, but I feel as if Iron Man 2 dives deeper into the character of the main actor. The movie is in fact based on the comic book series, but I cannot say that I have actually read any of the comic books. The movie starts with Anthony Stark i.e. Iron Man dying, and as a result, doing things in his life that someone who is dying soon would do. Such things involve hosting a house party and giving his company to his assistant. All the while, one of his weapons’ competitors is receiving help from Anthony Stark’s foe. After finding out the real relationship between him and his father, he develops a cure to his disease and destroys his foe.The movie is so engaging to me because of all the special effects that are used in the movie are so innovative. The movie gives me hope for the kinds of the things that can be created in the near future. I also like how although the movie uses futuristic gadgets, it still portrays the society today with the cars, houses, and outfits of the characters.