Major Writing Assignment #2 Postmortem

This writing assignment compared to the first major writing assignment in subject of content. Both assignments contained an analysis of something and both assignments were the same length. One thing that was different was the amount of time taken to write this assignment and the amount of actual writing done in this assignment. Since this assignment was an analysis of a website, the paper included snapshots of webpages. This assignment was also easier then the last assignment. I felt myself trying to find something to say in the previous writing assignment, and in this assignment I found myself already knowing what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I started this assignment about a month ago and finished it early this morning. The time frame given to actually complete this assignment was a lot longer than most previous papers, but the actual time I took to complete this assignment was smaller than most previous papers. Usually it takes me several days to complete a writing because I simply do not want to write a paper, but with this writing I was able to finish it in a few hours. It is not because I had to turn it in in a certain time, it was because I was allot more organized than with my previous writngs. Another thing that helped was that I was really interested in what I was writing about. Something that surprised me about this writing was the actual process I took to organize what I wanted to write about. I was able to sit down and focus on what I wanted to explain about the website, and what my response was going to be towards the website. The hardest part about this writing was actually taking the time to write the paper, and the easiest part was knowing what exactly I wanted to talk about. The process by which I proofread and copyedited my paper was to read what I wrote, and to have someone read what I wrote. One thing I will make sure to do on the next writing assignment is to finish the paper earlier. I managed to start the paper earlier, but I was not able to finish it as early as I expected. One thing I will make sure to do the same is to organize my thoughts before I write the paper. For someone attempting to do this assignment for the first time, I would tell them to make sure the website that they are talking about is a website they have used many times and is very interested in.