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Recently I worked on some design projects this summer and I would like to provide a link to my work.
Mills Portfolio Summer 2013


Critique #3 Postmortem

Critique #3 was allot easier than the previous critiques. The subject that was being discussed was allot shorter to go over and did not require too much work to investigate and analyze. The two previous critiques analyzed two articles, while this critique analyzed faulty instructions. I did make some changes to the draft that I prepared to turn in on Tuesday. I reread it and added more in-depth discussion in the response section, and I rewrote the response part of the executive summary section. I made the changes because I thought that less discussion on my response needed to be in the executive overview, and more discussion of my response needed to be in the actual response section. I also thought that the detailed overview needed to be the same length as the response, like in the previous critiques, and I simplified my response in the first draft to accommodate that requirement. I started this assignment on sunday and finished it on sunday. The time frame for this paper was allot shorter than on other papers due to the complexity of the assignment. The topic that the critique discussed was not more complex than the previous topics and therefore required less time to organize my thoughts and write the paper. The main thing that surprised me about this writing assignment was how short the detailed summary was. The detailed summary was small due to the lack of instructions provided, and therefore that was the easiest part about the writing assignment. Usually the detailed summary is one of the harder parts of the critique because it requires the condensing of what the paper assignment discusses, but in this case it was different. The hardest part was organizing my response and condensing it to fit on one page. I would tell someone attempting this assignment to be open-minded about it and be organized when writing it.

Critique #2 Postmortem

This writing assignment was allot less time consuming than the first major critique. I also gained interest as I was reading the essay I critiqued, which did not happen in the first major critique. With this writing assignment I felt like my thoughts were organized a little bit better than with the first assignment. I started reading the essay last night and I actually wrote the essay this morning. I completed the essay this morning and it took me about an hour to do so. This time frame was allot smaller than the time frame for previous papers. With previous papers I take my time because I felt as if I had nothing to say, but with this paper I felt like I had more to say about the subject of the paper. What surprised me about doing this writing assignment was how I felt when I finished the assignment. I was dissatisfied with the amount of writing I had done. I actually wished I was able to write more, but due to the length constraint, I was not able to do so. The hardest part about the assignment was condensing my paper into specific points and summaries that could all fit on one page. The easiest part about the assignment was actually writing the paper. I knew what I had to say during and after reading the essay. The process by which I proofread and copyedited my paper involved writing different versions of what I had to say, and making sure the right point of view was used. On the final critique assignment I would try to start earlier. Although the whole process was done in a short time frame, I could have had more time to rest and work on other assignments if I had not waited until the last minute to work on this assignment. Regarding staying the same, I would keep an optimistic attitude towards the assignment. I was more optimistic about reading the essay than I usually am about essays, which resulted in me enjoying the essay. I would tell someone attempting to do this essay to go into the process with a positive attitude and start on it earlier.

Proposal for MWA #3

After living in Waco for about four years I have come to learn some information about the Baylor and Waco environments. I would like to discuss three different tours that anyone could take in the Baylor and Waco communities.

The first tour is a tour of the best resale shops in Waco. Resale shops provide consumers on a budget with gently used items that could last a long time. The tour would include the Goodwill on New Rd., Plato’s Closet on Franklin Rd., Anna’s Exchange in the Central Texas Marketplace, and the Goodwill on La Salle Ave. In each of these stores the amount of products range from shoes and clothes to furniture and books. For the thrifty shopper in Waco, these are the places to go. This tour would also require a car.

The second tour is a tour of the best nature hike in Waco. The tour includes walking across the suspension bridge, walking along the Brazos River, hiking up Jacob’s ladder, hiking around Cameron Park, and hiking to Cameron Park Zoo. The tour would include seeing some of the natural beauty and architecture of Waco. The tour could be taken by car or foot, the option is up to the traveler.

The third tour is designed for people without a car or who enjoy walking. The tour would be a tour of the best fountains on the campus of Baylor University. The tour would consist of viewing the fountains located by the Armstrong Browning Library, the Vera Martin Daniel Plaza, Brooks Residential College, North Village, and between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. If you are willing to get a little wet, you can actually run through the fountains located in between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. Located below is a poll to vote on the tour of your choice.

Good & Bad Instructions

Sometimes there are good and bad instructions. Many factors determine whether the instructions are good and whether they are bad. Some of the factors will be discussed in determining if the two examples of instructions are either good or bad. The first example is from and it is a set of instructions on “How to Fold a Napkin Like a Rose.” The instructions begin with the a picture of the final product, which shows what the napkin should look like at the end of the instructions. The materials are not clearly defined, and the instructee can only assume from the picture of the final product what materials might be needed. Along with the materials not being clearly defined, the tools and other supplies are not clearly defined, further confusing the person following the instructions on what is all needed. There is no indication of how long the actual process will take, but just that it will be ten steps to complete the task. It can be inferred through the pictures that the activity is a solo activity, and the author speaks in second person point-of-view to imply one person. The author of the instructions also does not tell about a person having to do something while another person does something else, which also implies that it is a solo activity. The steps are chronologically in order, which reduces confusing among how to fold the napkin. The steps are concise, but not necessarily clear. Throughout the instructions the author tells what to do, but not how to do it. In doing so, the reader has to look at the pictures to figure out how to complete the step(s). There are no safety warnings stated, but they are not necessary. Also, there are no age requirements stated. There are allot of visual aids and no audiovisual aids in the instructions. There is one visual aid for every step, and they are very beneficial in the instruction process. Overall the instructions are not so well written because of the lack of information prior to starting the actual folding and the effectiveness of the actual steps.

The other example of a set of instructions is from and it is about making bulb plants. The final product is clearly defined with a picture of it and a description of its contribution to earth. The first step involves clearly defining the materials, tool, and other supplies needed to complete the task. There is no indication of how long the process will take, but just that it will take five steps to complete the task. There also is no indication of how many people will be required to complete the task, but by the pictures, there is only one set of hands doing all of the work, implying only one person is needed to complete the task. The steps are in a logical sequence and they are clear and as concise as they can be. There are safety warnings located throughout the instructions. There are no age requirements, but there should be considering the actual mechanics of lightbulbs. There are plenty of visual aids and no audiovisual aids. The bulb plants instructions can be classified as well written instructions.

Major Writing Assignment #2 Postmortem

This writing assignment compared to the first major writing assignment in subject of content. Both assignments contained an analysis of something and both assignments were the same length. One thing that was different was the amount of time taken to write this assignment and the amount of actual writing done in this assignment. Since this assignment was an analysis of a website, the paper included snapshots of webpages. This assignment was also easier then the last assignment. I felt myself trying to find something to say in the previous writing assignment, and in this assignment I found myself already knowing what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I started this assignment about a month ago and finished it early this morning. The time frame given to actually complete this assignment was a lot longer than most previous papers, but the actual time I took to complete this assignment was smaller than most previous papers. Usually it takes me several days to complete a writing because I simply do not want to write a paper, but with this writing I was able to finish it in a few hours. It is not because I had to turn it in in a certain time, it was because I was allot more organized than with my previous writngs. Another thing that helped was that I was really interested in what I was writing about. Something that surprised me about this writing was the actual process I took to organize what I wanted to write about. I was able to sit down and focus on what I wanted to explain about the website, and what my response was going to be towards the website. The hardest part about this writing was actually taking the time to write the paper, and the easiest part was knowing what exactly I wanted to talk about. The process by which I proofread and copyedited my paper was to read what I wrote, and to have someone read what I wrote. One thing I will make sure to do on the next writing assignment is to finish the paper earlier. I managed to start the paper earlier, but I was not able to finish it as early as I expected. One thing I will make sure to do the same is to organize my thoughts before I write the paper. For someone attempting to do this assignment for the first time, I would tell them to make sure the website that they are talking about is a website they have used many times and is very interested in.

Analysis of the Chicken Saddle Site

On the chicken saddle website,, there is too much content located on the chicken saddle page. On a page advertising for products, there should be more graphics of the products and less words. In addition the amount of words on the page, a large portion of the content of the text on the main page is about how the seller makes the chicken saddle more beneficial to the consumer’s needs. The consumer does not need a long description of why they need the chicken saddle, but a short summary of what the saddle provides. There is too much content on the page due to the fact that the user has to scroll down many times to get to the bottom of the page. On the page there should be only enough information to have the user scroll no more than two times. Scrolling down too much on the main page prevents the user from wanting to explore the rest of website. Scrolling too much provides the user with the belief that there is too much reading required on the website. There should be a main page about the chicken saddles, and separate pages about the different types of saddles, shipping and handling, and contact information. The text content is not appropriate to the purpose of the website, because it deters users from wanting to explore the website in depth. The graphics in the website are many pictures of chickens and other winged animals wearing chicken saddles, and pictures of the different types of saddles. The graphics are important to the website because it provides consumer’s with a visual of what they are trying to purchase. The structure of the site is very ordinary, with the main menu at the top of the page and everything within three clicks of the home page. There is parallel structure in how each of the pages are presented. The point of view varies from second and third person throughout the website, and the language is very informal. The author of the website appears to be talking to the consumer as if she is selling a product in front of her. The layout of the website is very unorganized. The menu and some of the sentences are not centered correctly. The menu is located both at the top and bottom of the page. The border along the page is outdated and the sentences run over the border, making it hard for the user to see the words, and the different sections are not underlined to show the user that there is a new section. The font changes and some sections are bolded to emphasize what is being discussed, but there is no spacing or underlining to allow the user to grasp the concept(s) clearly. The website also is totally fixed and static. The user cannot navigate aroud the website, and the main way to communicate the author/seller is by her email, which is located at the top of the page and all throughout the page. There are no communication elements and no social media elements. There is no way to provide user feedback to improve the website as a whole. There are links to buying other animal accesories, and they work, but are not necessarily beneficial to the website as a whole. They transfer the user to another website, which in the case of this particular website, might be a good thing.

Major Writing Assignment #1 Postmortem

The Major Writing Assignment #1, or MWA #1, was similar when compared to my writing assignments in previous english classes due to the length and quality of the assignment. The length of the paper was similar to previous papers in the way that previous papers required around 4-6 pages, and the MWA #1 required 5-7 pages. In the subject of quality, previous papers required an in-depth discussion of a certain topic, and similarly, the MWA #1 required an analytical discussion of the different genres of writing in the engineering discipline. When compared to writings done in engineering courses, the MWA #1 was not so similar. In engineering courses, the writing is typically 1-2 pages and it includes a discussion based solely on data and calculations. The MWA #1 was started on Monday February 18, 2013, and was completed on Thursday February 21, 2013. The time frame was a lot shorter than presious papers, but that was due to procrastination and poor time-management. One thing that surprised me about the paper was how easy it was to write after I deeply thought about what I wanted to say. Usually I put off writing assignments until the last minute because I feel as if I have nothing to talk about. In the MWA #1, I thought about what I wanted to say and just wrote as if I was having a conversation with someone. The hardest part of the assignment was actually sitting down to write the essay, and the easiest part of the assignment was writing about each sample genre. The process by which I proofread my paper was by rereading what I wrote and determining the tense of the paper, and subject that I wanted to get across. If the subject that I was trying to get across was made, then there was no revision needed, but if not, revisions were made. On the next assignment I will need to start earlier and be optimistic about what I am writing about. I would keep my enthusisam while writing the paper the same. For someone that is attempting to do this assignment for the first time, I would advise them to start on the assignment early and outline what they want to write about.