The Best Nature Hike in Waco


One thought on “The Best Nature Hike in Waco

  1. – The objective of the guide was clearly stated in the title of the instructions.
    – Cost, supplies, and time were not clearly stated. The beginning point was ambiguous – I’m assuming you meant for the reader to start on I-35, but that was never stated. Also, it may be more useful to refer to cardinal directions than “from Austin” or “from Dallas.” The end point is not clearly stated either – where in Cameron Park should I have gone after Jacob’s Ladder?
    – The progression of tasks and locations was logical, but didn’t seem to contribute to the objective: I was expecting to go on a nature hike, but instead I visited the zoo and drove in to Cameron Park.
    – Not all the necessary information was there. The trip to the zoo could be left out, and more about the hike itself should be added.
    – The photos were helpful, but a map may have been useful as well.
    – I didn’t feel like the objective was met when I completed the instructions – I didn’t get to go on a nature hike.

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