Nature Hike!

I just created instructions on the best nature hike in Waco, Texas. Attached is the link to the instructions.


One thought on “Nature Hike!

  1. 1. The objective was how to have the best nature hike in waco–clearly stated
    2. The cost, supplies, and time were not clearly stated. Before entering the zoo, I questioned whether or not it costed money and stating the supplies neccessary would have been quite helpful. Supplies such as a water bottle, running/sports attire..etc. Also, providing a time estimate or range would have been helpful.
    3. There was a logical progression in the instructions. The directions were located conviently in terms of the order of directions.
    4. There were photos in each step which were quite helpful in identifying the location of each step. Directions were easy to follow, but a map couldnt hurt
    5. The objective was met by the end. I enjoyed my hike, but explaining why this is the best hike should be clarified for anyone who hasnt been on int
    6. Jacob’s ladder was a good workout–maybe people not quite as active should be…”warned” let’s say.

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