Proposal for MWA #3

After living in Waco for about four years I have come to learn some information about the Baylor and Waco environments. I would like to discuss three different tours that anyone could take in the Baylor and Waco communities.

The first tour is a tour of the best resale shops in Waco. Resale shops provide consumers on a budget with gently used items that could last a long time. The tour would include the Goodwill on New Rd., Plato’s Closet on Franklin Rd., Anna’s Exchange in the Central Texas Marketplace, and the Goodwill on La Salle Ave. In each of these stores the amount of products range from shoes and clothes to furniture and books. For the thrifty shopper in Waco, these are the places to go. This tour would also require a car.

The second tour is a tour of the best nature hike in Waco. The tour includes walking across the suspension bridge, walking along the Brazos River, hiking up Jacob’s ladder, hiking around Cameron Park, and hiking to Cameron Park Zoo. The tour would include seeing some of the natural beauty and architecture of Waco. The tour could be taken by car or foot, the option is up to the traveler.

The third tour is designed for people without a car or who enjoy walking. The tour would be a tour of the best fountains on the campus of Baylor University. The tour would consist of viewing the fountains located by the Armstrong Browning Library, the Vera Martin Daniel Plaza, Brooks Residential College, North Village, and between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. If you are willing to get a little wet, you can actually run through the fountains located in between the Student Life Center and Baylor Science Building. Located below is a poll to vote on the tour of your choice.


11 thoughts on “Proposal for MWA #3

  1. I chose to adventure through some of Waco’s resale shops. I’m a college student who struggles to find the next place to eat and I don’t exactly have bills lining my wallet, so why not?

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