Critique #2 Postmortem

This writing assignment was allot less time consuming than the first major critique. I also gained interest as I was reading the essay I critiqued, which did not happen in the first major critique. With this writing assignment I felt like my thoughts were organized a little bit better than with the first assignment. I started reading the essay last night and I actually wrote the essay this morning. I completed the essay this morning and it took me about an hour to do so. This time frame was allot smaller than the time frame for previous papers. With previous papers I take my time because I felt as if I had nothing to say, but with this paper I felt like I had more to say about the subject of the paper. What surprised me about doing this writing assignment was how I felt when I finished the assignment. I was dissatisfied with the amount of writing I had done. I actually wished I was able to write more, but due to the length constraint, I was not able to do so. The hardest part about the assignment was condensing my paper into specific points and summaries that could all fit on one page. The easiest part about the assignment was actually writing the paper. I knew what I had to say during and after reading the essay. The process by which I proofread and copyedited my paper involved writing different versions of what I had to say, and making sure the right point of view was used. On the final critique assignment I would try to start earlier. Although the whole process was done in a short time frame, I could have had more time to rest and work on other assignments if I had not waited until the last minute to work on this assignment. Regarding staying the same, I would keep an optimistic attitude towards the assignment. I was more optimistic about reading the essay than I usually am about essays, which resulted in me enjoying the essay. I would tell someone attempting to do this essay to go into the process with a positive attitude and start on it earlier.


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