Major Writing Assignment #1 Postmortem

The Major Writing Assignment #1, or MWA #1, was similar when compared to my writing assignments in previous english classes due to the length and quality of the assignment. The length of the paper was similar to previous papers in the way that previous papers required around 4-6 pages, and the MWA #1 required 5-7 pages. In the subject of quality, previous papers required an in-depth discussion of a certain topic, and similarly, the MWA #1 required an analytical discussion of the different genres of writing in the engineering discipline. When compared to writings done in engineering courses, the MWA #1 was not so similar. In engineering courses, the writing is typically 1-2 pages and it includes a discussion based solely on data and calculations. The MWA #1 was started on Monday February 18, 2013, and was completed on Thursday February 21, 2013. The time frame was a lot shorter than presious papers, but that was due to procrastination and poor time-management. One thing that surprised me about the paper was how easy it was to write after I deeply thought about what I wanted to say. Usually I put off writing assignments until the last minute because I feel as if I have nothing to talk about. In the MWA #1, I thought about what I wanted to say and just wrote as if I was having a conversation with someone. The hardest part of the assignment was actually sitting down to write the essay, and the easiest part of the assignment was writing about each sample genre. The process by which I proofread my paper was by rereading what I wrote and determining the tense of the paper, and subject that I wanted to get across. If the subject that I was trying to get across was made, then there was no revision needed, but if not, revisions were made. On the next assignment I will need to start earlier and be optimistic about what I am writing about. I would keep my enthusisam while writing the paper the same. For someone that is attempting to do this assignment for the first time, I would advise them to start on the assignment early and outline what they want to write about.


Q & A Interview

Q: What genres of writing have you encountered since entering the engineering society?
A: Technical writing i.e. technical reports, journal writing, lectures, and exams.

Q: What did those genres teach you about writing?
A: Lectures require writing to be succinct. You have to be able to open and close a topic in a short span of time. You also have to understand how to have an intro, body, & conclusion in a limited amount of time.

Q: Did you learn more genres after you entered the engineering society, and if so what?
A: No additional formal education required me to learn more genres but I matured by learning things the hard way. My personal computer has assisted greatly in the forming of technical writings. Spellcheck, grammar check, & quick edit has made changes more feasible.

Q: What is the process for editing and proofreading the documents you write?
A: Instead of proofreading right after I write I wait a while (a few days), and then proceed to proofread my writing.

Q: What type(s) of writing in your field is internal and external?
A: Internal- emails, External- journal articles, research proposals, and conference presentations

Q: What types of genres do you encounter when reading?
A: Technical textbooks

Q: Has writing in your field deterred or encouraged your interest in writing?
A: Writing in my field has neither encouraged nor deterred my interest in my field because the writing has been constant over the years.