Critique #1 Postmortem

Recently I just wrote a critique on an article by Elaine Lee titled “Evaluating Student Writing.” The critique was a one-page discussion on the article that included my response to the article. This assignment was similar to some of my previous writing assignments in the fashion that it included a response to a particular reading. Before writing the critique I had to read the article to determine what the focus of the article was, and what my focus was on what the article had to say. I actually started the assignment around 10 pm last night and finished it around 2 am this morning. This time was actually an average time frame considering the effort I put into the critique. If I am in a rush and have somewhat a grasp on what I am going to write about, I can finish a paper in about an hour. That is a rare occurence when that happens due to my restraint from actually wanting to write. I dread writing because I feel as if there is a straight and narrow path of things that I have to write about, and I usually never have anything to say about what I am writing about. Throughout this writing experience the main thing that surprised me was that I had to edit my writing to make sure it was no more than one page. Since I am not too fond of writing, I tend to write exactly how much I have to write; nothing more, nothing less. When I had to delete some of my sentences of my critique to make sure it fit on one page, I was so shocked that that had happened that I did not know what to delete. After reading the whole essay I realized what was rambling and what was not, and did the deletions accordingly. The hardest part of the critique was trying to provide a response to the article, and responding in third person. The easiest part of the critique was giving a summary of what the article discussed. If I could do something differently on the next assignment I would prepare earlier i.e. not the day before. One thing I would make sure to do the same is read the entire article or writing to make sure I grasped what was being discussed. To someone who is doing this assignment for the first time, I would advise them to be open-minded and start on the assignment early.


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