Critique #1 Postmortem

Recently I just wrote a critique on an article by Elaine Lee titled “Evaluating Student Writing.” The critique was a one-page discussion on the article that included my response to the article. This assignment was similar to some of my previous writing assignments in the fashion that it included a response to a particular reading. Before writing the critique I had to read the article to determine what the focus of the article was, and what my focus was on what the article had to say. I actually started the assignment around 10 pm last night and finished it around 2 am this morning. This time was actually an average time frame considering the effort I put into the critique. If I am in a rush and have somewhat a grasp on what I am going to write about, I can finish a paper in about an hour. That is a rare occurence when that happens due to my restraint from actually wanting to write. I dread writing because I feel as if there is a straight and narrow path of things that I have to write about, and I usually never have anything to say about what I am writing about. Throughout this writing experience the main thing that surprised me was that I had to edit my writing to make sure it was no more than one page. Since I am not too fond of writing, I tend to write exactly how much I have to write; nothing more, nothing less. When I had to delete some of my sentences of my critique to make sure it fit on one page, I was so shocked that that had happened that I did not know what to delete. After reading the whole essay I realized what was rambling and what was not, and did the deletions accordingly. The hardest part of the critique was trying to provide a response to the article, and responding in third person. The easiest part of the critique was giving a summary of what the article discussed. If I could do something differently on the next assignment I would prepare earlier i.e. not the day before. One thing I would make sure to do the same is read the entire article or writing to make sure I grasped what was being discussed. To someone who is doing this assignment for the first time, I would advise them to be open-minded and start on the assignment early.


Metacritic Review

Not everyone can agree on the same things, and therefore some movies receive both good and bad reviews. The not-so-good review being discussed is about the movie Iron Man 2. The review gives a synopsis of the movie, with inserts of what was done in the wrong way, or what did not fit correctly into the movie. One of the criticisms the movie receives is that one of the villains in the movie, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), creates a knockoff iron man suit. One can disagree with that criticism due to the definition of a knockoff. An item that is considered a knockoff is not the real thing i.e. the inner workings of the object is not the same as the original object. In the movie Ivan Vanko had the same equipment and “instruction manual” for the nuclear reactor that Anthony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had, and just manifested another copy. Also in the movie, Ivan Vanko does not create a suit but a set of bullwhips that are powered by a nuclear reactor. Another criticism that the movie receives is that the movie was constructed to not be freestanding by incorporating Agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to do press for the upcoming Avengers movie. That is a valid assertion because when the movie is finished, it leaves its viewers wondering what the avengers initiative is. The movie needs to be freestanding so that it can prove to its viewers that another movie does not need to be viewed to receive a better grasp on the whole Iron Man concept.

My Favorite Movie

iron-man-2-9377-400x250I have a wide variety of favorite movies mainly due to the fact that I watch too much television, but currently I have one favorite. That favorite movie would be Iron Man 2. Typically people would ask why not Iron Man 1, but I feel as if Iron Man 2 dives deeper into the character of the main actor. The movie is in fact based on the comic book series, but I cannot say that I have actually read any of the comic books. The movie starts with Anthony Stark i.e. Iron Man dying, and as a result, doing things in his life that someone who is dying soon would do. Such things involve hosting a house party and giving his company to his assistant. All the while, one of his weapons’ competitors is receiving help from Anthony Stark’s foe. After finding out the real relationship between him and his father, he develops a cure to his disease and destroys his foe.The movie is so engaging to me because of all the special effects that are used in the movie are so innovative. The movie gives me hope for the kinds of the things that can be created in the near future. I also like how although the movie uses futuristic gadgets, it still portrays the society today with the cars, houses, and outfits of the characters.